Home is Where the Heart Is

I’m not sleepy and feeling quite internet savvy so I put together a little something for y’all. We get lots of questions about where we live, so here’s a bit on that.

Nowadays, we live in a teeny tiny town with a population of around 350. Keep in mind that I come from the East Bay suburbs, and Judah comes from the weird city life of Berkeley. We’re used to lots of people, but we hardly see them here! We’ve got a little local general store, but our nearest grocery chain is a 30 minute trip in each direction. Needless to say, we’re learning to plan ahead these days.

Our house is nestled on top of a hill on almost two acres of land. The main house has one of the coolest house layouts I’ve ever seen; almost every room has two separate ways to get in and out. It’s got that cozy country cabin feel. More awesome: one of the small bedrooms was converted into a large walk-in closet that now serves as my craft haven. I have more space than I even know what to do with. I’ve never had that problem before. Dilemma, seriously. I’ve been making stuff! I’ll get around to taking photos of projects soon.

In addition to the main house and garage, there’s also this beautiful barn on the property, and an awesome solar powered pond nearby. We’re continuing to make this area as awesome as possible for Judah’s mom, who will live in the barn after retirement. That sweet path you notice there is courtesy of none other than Judah himself.

Recently, we took on a project to fix the current paths, and build on some new paths down to different areas that we use a lot.

First we laid down cardboard. The weeds here are OUT OF CONTROL. The cardboard also doubled as an easy way to deal with weed control without spending hours ripping three foot taproots out of the ground. After we laid down the cardboard, we covered it with a mix of chipped trees, leaves and mulch. We got a huge pile for free from the tree guys. I had no idea you could even do that. Apparently all you need to do is ask. And it looks pretty good. Actually, it smells pretty nice too!

I’m actually looking forward to the world of weed whacking. It seems sort of liberating in its own way. As you can see, that duty is fast approaching.

Our little fava beans are growing nicely. You can see on the far side how the weeds can get though. Tiny weeds, EVERYWHERE.

We’ve also got loads of garlic cloves planted as an additional cover crop. They’ve yet to sprout, but we just had our first heavy rain in a while, so they might show up soon.

The kale is just as crazy and fractally as ever. We’ve got several huge plants, we’re thinking kale chips.

We’ve got loads of strawberries all over the place too. Still flowering and giving off a few tasty little fruits every now and then. Also not shown: endless raspberries.

And we’ve got cool flowers like these. I like to catch a new one every now and then:

Well, that’s all for now.

– Tracy