Our Dogs

We’ve got a fearsome foursome. The best little friends anyone could have.

Milhouse Van Houten. He is a gentleman and a scholar. A total lady killer, and breaker of hearts.

Steve “Stevie B.” Buscemi. A face only a mother could love. Humanity has a love/hate relationship with Steve, but it’s one-sided, he loves us all.

Miss Blanche Devereaux. She knows she’s cute. It’s like you don’t even have to tell her…but you do anyway.

Opie. He’s a tender little guy with a heart of gold. Enjoys yard work, milkbones and wearing hankies.


2 thoughts on “Our Dogs

  1. I love your dogs! I don’t have one but when I eventually move out of my parent’s house and get one I’ve actually been considering the name Opie 🙂

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