Social Networking is Hard

We’ve been having a complete blast creating items for our Etsy shop, and we’re even having a bit of success in our first month with a few sales. We’re dedicating quite a bit of our time to creating new items and learning how to market ourselves and our shop in the process. And it’s A LOT of work. I have no idea how anyone does the part-time successfully! If you want to take a peek of our progress so far:

Our Shop, it’s chock full of all sorts of stuff right now.
Our Facebook, where you can subscribe to updates and discount codes exclusive to Facebook.

We’ve set ourselves a goal to have at least 100 items in our shop by Valentine’s Day. We’re at 76, so not too far to go! We’ll soon be setting up a regular booth at our local farmer’s markets and craft fairs.

Life is good!

– Tracy (on behalf of The Seals)


The Worst Blogger Ever

HI! And I’m back. Well, at least I dished a pre-warning about how terribly inconsistent I am at posting. And before I knew it, BAM, 2012. And there’s SO much going on.

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDAH. 27! This mostly sums everything up for me:

WE’RE GETTING MARRIED IN SEPTEMBER! WOO! Waiting on a date confirmation from our venue for either September 8th or 22nd. The thought of how much needs to be planned makes me panic, but good ol’ Judah will be there right by my side. We’re celebrating our special day at a gorgeous venue in the redwoods, and we’re absolutely stoked about it. Preparations here at the homestead include preparing plots of land for veggie crops and flowers. Our goal is to grow our own flowers and food for the wedding. I should mention that the tastiest tomatoes I have ever devoured came from this place.

We started an Etsy shop! Check us out at By The Seals. The purpose is for us to learn something new everyday. Currently, our shop features  wire wrap pendant necklaces, original acrylic paintings, wood block photo transfers, crochet items, glass marble magnets and painted jars.

Also, as of next Tuesday, we’re both back in school.

2012, I like you lots.



Okay, so let’s try this again. This round we’re seeking consistent solid results; I start these damn blogs and never follow through with them, so let’s keep our fingers crossed here. People can change!

Let’s get back to the basics. Why are we here? We’re keeping a blog of our recent doings for the amusement of family and friends. Strangers with candy are welcome too. If you’re seeking background on the us, here it is:

Two twenty-somethings from the suburbs move out to the cuts; to a hidden gem in a resort area between the redwoods and the ocean. In a few short months we’ll be back in school, building a farm (complete with goats and chickens), and generally living out our dreams.

We live on a gorgeous property in a teeny tiny town nestled in the redwoods just outside of wine country. One of the largest pumpkins in the world came from our backyard! Living in a cool place like this makes me want to take too many pictures, so there will be plenty of those.  Just check around.

Oh, and did I mention we’re engaged? Fall 2012 Wedding details TBD!

Your Pals,

Tracy & Judah