Salt Point, or “With Wings of an Eagle, We Fly at Speeds Matched by Cyclists”

There are parts of Highway 1, North of Jenner, where the road exists more for thrill seeking madmen than tourists and RV campers. These are the paved turns that nightmares are made of, and surely will haunt me for months to come. We’re fine after a detour on 10mph dirt roads for our 20 mile drive back, and honestly I wasn’t going much faster than 18 or 20 in the 55mph zone on 1-N to begin with so it didn’t take that much longer getting home. Oh also, Salt Point is amazing and worth the scariest drive ever that made driver and passenger simultaneously sob, gag, scream and laugh with carnal, instinctual fear.

Also, be sure to bring exactly $8 cash and a pen for entry.

– Judah


Until next time,




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